infinut School Edition Privacy Policy

1. What Does Our Privacy Policy Cover?

This Privacy Policy refers to your use of the infinut Math School (infinut Math School Kindergarten, infinut Math School 1st Grade, infinut Math School 2nd Grade) application ("School App"), owned, operated, and provided by Infinut Software Inc. ("Infinut", "we", "us", or "our"). While the use of this School App is directed to children under the age of 13 ("Minors" or "Students"), Infinut requires the School App to be downloaded and implemented by an adult (an individual 21 years old or older) who is acting on behalf of and as agent of the contracting school or educational establishment ("School"). This Privacy Policy is directed at, and should be acknowledged, read, understood and accepted by the School that downloads the School App for use with its student body.

The School App is integrated with Google Classroom provided on Google Inc.'s Google Apps for Education ("GAFE"), and Schools will need to be a GAFE customer, with a working GAFE Account. Your GAFE Account is subject to the terms and privacy practices of Google Inc. Infinut does not take responsibility for providing you with notice of any changes to such third party privacy practices. Please carefully read this whole Privacy Policy before deciding to use the School App, as it covers Infinut's privacy practices and treatment of any information that you submit or enter on the School App, including personally identifiable information.

2. Collection and Use of Information

a) Email Addresses

Collection: We collect and store on our secure servers the GAFE user email addresses of individual teachers, identified as teachers through Google Classroom used to login the School App. We do not collect or store any email addresses belonging to Students. Schools bear the responsibility of monitoring the correct designation of a user as "teacher" or "student" on Google Classroom, and also bear the responsibility of updating or changing such designations, and for granting or revoking access as appropriate.

Use: We do not and will not send spam, sell or rent any email address or Account information to third parties. We do not disclose, sell, share, trade or give away any user's personal information to third parties, except as needed for completing payment and billing transactions through the services of payment processing vendors, if applicable.

b) Logging Statistics

By interacting with the School App, the server automatically collects certain types of technical information. We use this information to maintain the quality and operation of the School App and its functions and services. This information may include: your IP address, browser type, domain names, access times, and access platform.

c) IP Addresses

Internet Protocol addresses indicate the location of a user's computers or mobile device on a network connected to the Internet. Providing services to you may result in the logging of IP addresses for systems administration and troubleshooting purposes. We do not log IP addresses to track your session, nor do we link IP addresses to anything personally identifiable.

d) Application Data

Certain application data (that is, the data you create and add to the School App) is only stored locally on your device. We may collect and store certain user data on your device using application data caches, but we never share yours or any Student's data with any third party services or people. The user data we collect includes the GAFE email address used to access and use the School App.

Devices: Student login information may remain on the device provided by the School to enable automatic login when the School App is logged off and then restarted. Application data is removed upon uninstallation of the School App from the device. Students may also log into the School App from any other, personal device that can run the School App. Parents or legal guardians are responsible for the Student safely and securely logging in and logging out of the School App on a personal device.

Report Cards: Students are identified to teachers by first name and last initial only. A report card is generated for each Student Account (see Section 3) when a Student uses the School App to complete a module or lesson. Report cards track the Student's progress and achievement in a particular lesson. We store data related to report cards on our servers to allow you to retain the report cards should you choose to uninstall and reinstall the application at a later time or on a different device, or if Students join a different school that uses the App, and that allows the Student GAFE login email address to stay the same.

Report cards are visible only to the Student and that Student's teacher(s) through the App. Parents or legal guardians do not have login access to the School App, and in order to protect the Student's privacy rights, may only view a Student's report card on the School App if the Student is logged in himself or herself. If any parent or guardian wishes to view their child's report card in a different manner, he or she may communicate directly with the teacher. Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) (20 U.S.C. § 1232g; 34 CFR Part 99), parents or eligible students have the right to inspect and review the student's educational records. Infinut does not take responsibility for the School's actions with regards to parental request for access report cards with respect to FERPA or any other applicable laws or regulations.

3. School Accounts; Student Accounts

Schools: Schools are required to be a GAFE customer, with a working GAFE Account. Upon signing in, Schools may access the School App through integration with Google Classroom. Under the School's Account, the School and its administrative staff, teachers or other responsible party (together "School Agents"), shall have authority and responsibility for creating accurate class rosters and properly designating "teachers" and "Students" in each class in Google Classroom. School Agents are entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the details of the School's GAFE Account, including the login information and password. Schools are required to notify Infinut immediately if it suspects any unauthorized or improper use of the School Account.

Students: Schools provide custom domain email addresses to its student body (e.g. Students may sign in with their GAFE Account ("Student Account") and access the School App through integration with Google Classroom. In order to use or participate in a particular assignment or class, Students must be "invited" by their teacher on Google Classroom, and Students must then "accept" their teacher's invitation. Students may only view his or her own profile on the School App (and no other Student's profile), and teachers are encouraged to oversee proper use of the School App to ensure privacy compliance, and accurate educational progress reporting.

4. Data

a) Data Transfer

Movement of data between a user's device and the server is entirely wrapped within an encrypted data link. Your School's data is as secure as the Account you use to enjoy the School App.

EU Users: If you are a resident of a EU nation and use the App from within the EU, you acknowledge that any information that We collect and store, for the limited purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy, may be collected and stored outside of the EU. For avoidance of confusion, references to "personal information" in this policy are equivalent to what is commonly referred to as "personal data" in the EU. By clicking "I Accept", you consent to the collection, use, disclosure, and processing of your personal information in the manner described in this Privacy Policy, including our procedures related to application data caches and similar technologies and IP addresses. You understand that the US does not have the same level of protection for personal information that exists in other countries. Your consent is voluntary, and you may revoke your consent by opting out at any time. If you choose to opt-out, the App and its features will not be accessible to you.

b) Data Storage

By your use of the School App a limited amount of your data (text or images) is stored. This includes the School's name, GAFE email addresses, and any profile image URL linked to the School Account that may be integrated later.

5. Security

To prevent unauthorized access, safeguard data accuracy, and maintain the appropriate use of information, we have put in place appropriate physical, technical, and administrative procedures to protect the personal information data you submit. We make every effort to ensure the integrity and security of our network and systems. However, since the Internet is not 100% secure and new technology evolves and emerges, we cannot guarantee that our security measures will prevent third-party interferences from illegally obtaining or tampering with your personal information.

We encourage you to help us by also taking precautions to protect your personal data when you use the School App. Change the School Account password often using a combination of letters, numbers, and characters, and make sure you use a secure connection.

Through GAFE and Google Classroom, we ensure that there is an appropriate level of security protection of Minors. Students only have access to their own profile on the School App, and there are no third party content or in-app purchase options available.

6. Privacy of Minors; Direct Notice to Parents and Parents' Rights

We do not collect or store personally identifying information from or related to Minors. In the event that we do need to collect or store or otherwise use personally identifying data from or related to Minors, we will require the consent of both the Student's School and parent or legal guardian, prior to collecting, using or disclosing personal information, if any, from Minors. Schools may be asked to give consent to Infinut's collection and internal-only use of a Minor's information, in order for us to provide technical support when necessary, and to improve our service offerings on an on-going basis.

If we require certain additional access to personally identifying information pertaining to a Minor, we will seek to obtain the School's consent by email. If we do not receive consent within a reasonable amount of time, we will automatically assume consent is not given, and will act in accordance with this assumption. The School may choose to obtain parental consent in order to make a decision to grant our request for additional access to personally identifying information. Infinut does not take any responsibility for providing direct notice of such a request to parents or legal guardians of Minors in the School, and will comply only with the consent decision provided to us directly by the School.

7. Contacting Us About Privacy Concerns

Please contact us at with any questions regarding this Privacy Policy.

8. Changes to the Privacy Policy

We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time by updating this posting. You are responsible for periodically reviewing this Privacy Policy to stay informed about Infinut's practices. Continued use of the School App after an update signifies your acceptance of the changes.

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