Educational Apps

  • Interactive apps designed for kids’ learning
  • More than a million downloads
  • Winner – MIT Enterprise Forum NorthWest 2014 Startup Demo

Kids ShapesKids Shapes

  • Fun for 3-5 year old kids
  • Shapes, Patterns and Logic puzzles
  • 200+ exercises
  • Free

Kindergarten MathKindergarten Word Play Kindergarten MathWord Play 

  • Fun for 4-6 year old kids
  • Hundreds of exercises and words.
  • $1.99 for Math
  • $1.99 for Word Play

Nebula Kids Phonics

Kids Phonics

  • For kids learning-to-read in kindergarten at age 4-6
  • For kids learning big words in 1st and 2nd grades
  • 1000+ phonics exercises in 40+ lessons
  • $4.99

First Grade Math

First Grade Word Play1st Grade Math and Word Play

  • Fun for 6-7 year old kids
  • Blends, Spelling and Sight Words
  • Place Values, and Fractions
  • $1.99 for math, $1.99 for word play

Kids Measurement ScienceKids Measurement Science

  • For 1st and 2nd grade – 6-8 years old kids.
  • Length, time, money and weight measurement games
  • Addition, fractions, skip counting and experimentation
  • $1.99

Second Grade MathSecond Grade Word Play2nd Grade Math and Word Play

  • For 7-8 year old kids
  • Regroup, Multiply, Divide
  • Syllables, Crosswords, Sight Words
    • $1.99 for math, $1.99 for word play

5 thoughts on “Educational Apps

  1. I just got a KindleFire for my birthday, with the intention of sharing educational apps with my kids. I have a limited background in education, and my kids are in Kindergarten and 2nd grade. Many of the apps out there are flashy,however, after logging in to a free version of a highly-marketed app/website which requires registration to use, my daughter quickly reached her frustration point due to all flash and little math. Some of the other apps I have downloaded either barely offer a sampling of activities in their lite version OR they, as you pointed out in your blog, encourage guesswork instead of truly teaching the kids. I discovered your apps tonight and have purchased them. My 2nd grader needs reinforcement in phonics and math, and was specifically looking for a program that would help her with “.” Although your compare feature is not quite what I was looking for, I appreciate that it includes the “less than” symbol when 3 numbers are sorted from least to greatest, and hope she will like it. I LOVE the equations and introduction to multiplication and division in the 2nd grade app and the sequential phonics instruction and practice in the phonics program. I also love the kids’ voices that encourage the player. My only complaint so far is that I wish the icons that show up on my tablet identified the program by name and not just a cute picture. When you have several programs loaded, remembering which is which can be confusing. Otherwise, the programs look educationally sound and easy to use. I will let you know how my kids like them once they play them! Thank you for making these affordable and providing “lite” versions that truly enable you to try key aspects before you buy.

    • That “.” was supposed to be the greater than and less than symbols, but they did not display in the submitted message. Thanks, WordPress.

    • Hi, Lauren,
      Thanks so much for your note. Its really good to know that there are people looking for honest apps.

      Your point about learning to compare numbers… one reason kids have difficulty with numeric comparisons is that sometimes they don’t fully grasp how quantities associate with numbers.

      The second grade comparisons assume the kids already know the following –
      1. Association of numbers with quantities (taught in Kindergarten Math with moving balls into box)
      2. Association of place values to numeric quantities (taught in First Grade Math with place value grids)
      3. Visualization of fractional amounts (taught in First Grade Math feed the monkey, more complex in Second Grade Math).

      You are the best judge of your daughters needs. Hope the above information helps you guide her learning.

      • Thanks so much! Yes, those areas are things she struggled with some last year. Her challenge this year is remember which symbol to use when comparing using greater than, not the concept of greater than or less than itself, but we are reviewing all of those concepts. She is catching on, but was looking for a practice game. Similarly, she also struggled with drawing the 100′s, 10′s and 1′s cubes to explain problems and answers as Common Core expects. Your program’s activities should really help her with that! Thanks so much! We’ll try the 1st grade program, too for review.

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